Homebuyers dilemma

Buying a home in big cities is more and more difficult as house prices often grow faster than money at the bank

Saving in real terms

Saving for the down payment square foot by square foot keeps the value of your investment up with house prices

All-in solution

Squaresave assists you throughout the entire process - saving for the down payment, financing with a mortgage loan and buying a new home

Since 1993

About Squaresave

Squaresave provides B2B solutions to financial institutions in designing saving products for prospective homebuyers.

We designed a universal risk management solution to mitigate house price inflation and allow designing savings products with participation in the housing market from the time of making a decision to buy a property.

We use forward-looking data on the anticipated market demand to help developers in their landbanking decisions and give homebuyers better deals.

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Partner with us

We are looking for strategic partners and investors to enter new markets with our flexible, scalable, universal solution