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Our Approach


Our vision is to create a sustainable ecosystem for housing security through financial inclusion


We aim to bring together industry experts, academics, banks, insurance companies, property developers and regulators to address housing problems for the young, the elderly, the middle class and the ones in need. We use advanced data processing and risk management solutions to manage everyday risks and uncertainties concerning rents and house prices. We actively use house price indices to increase the predictability of market demand for developers and at the same time reduce the volatility of housing markets.

Our Story

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Barna Semsey

Founder & CEO

Message from the founder

We believe in learning what our clients want providing what they need in the form that they understand.

We place a high value on listening to our customers, empower them to listen to their customers, and learn about their goals and aspirations.

We believe in designing solutions to address real needs taking into account user risk profile and affordability.

Our products shall be simple and easy to understand. We rely on the three pillars of transparency, suitability, and predictability.

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